The Day I Slayed My Dragon

In this world today,
Trash talking is a thing.
But the day I heard you belittled my name,
The same day I knew,
Who I was to you.
I was ready with my sword,
I was ready for war,
But then I remember,
I care too much about you.
You came up to me to start a chat,
But all I did was sit silent as a rat.
You look into my eyes and said,
"What's the matter?"
With his light brown eyes, I couldn't hold it back,
I said exactly what the birdy had told me.
He chuckled real loudly as if it was a joke,
And he told me real loudly,
"Well what a delight,
I know I'm so beautiful
Why can't they deny,
But the dragon to slay is never the victim,
It's always the man who committed the crime".

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