The Day I went Missing

The Day I went Missing
It was a normal day.
The sky was deeply blue and there was no clouds of grey
Big brother was in charge of me but was busy being a flirt
“I’m going to Haley’s house” I stated
And he waved me off not caring if I got hurt
I roamed the neighborhood skipping, ready to play
I waved at the doggy behind the fence like always
It was a normal day
At Haley’s house we played for hours
Mud was our middle name that day
Her mom screamed “You need showers!”
I stayed for dinner, Haley made it herself
Good old spaghetti-O’s
I ate enough to make you belch
It was Monday night
Wrestling on the tv screen
John Cena was on doing his famous “You can’t see me!”
The time had ticked away, it went from hour to hour
“Your mom will be looking for you” Donny said real sour
‘Tick Tick Tick’
Someone was knocking
“Have you see this little girl?”
The man was sobbing
The man was my brother

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