The Day My Mom Had a Double Stroke

The day my mom had a double stroke, I cried
My heart was heavy, and my soul was tied
To my mom, who lay there, so vulnerable and weak
My tears fell like raindrops on her cheek

The doctors advise me and my brother to let her die because she is a vegetable but I immediately decline
And I prayed to God to relieve her strife
She fought so bravely, and I knew she was strong
But the fear of losing her lasted so long

Hours turned to days, and days to weeks
And every moment, my heart felt so bleak
But hope is a powerful thing, it can never be denied
And with every small progress, my faith inside multiplied

Finally, the day arrived when she opened her eyes
And I saw a glimmer of the smile I knew and loved and recognized
As she fought back, with all her might
And won the battle, against the dark of the night

The day my mom had a double stroke, I cried
But now I celebrate each day, with her by my side
For my mom is a fighter, a true inspiration
And I thank God every day, for this beautiful creation.

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This Poems Story

This story is about a very strong mom who out lives her daughter and nephew with double strokes