The day of nightmare

The day was long and hot, an average day in the valley of death
Life was normal visiting a village
The meetings were the norm, they will kill us
We had nothing unusual until they attack
PKM, RPGs from close enough to hear the launch
dropping to a knee and scooping the helmet to protect
Calling for white phosphorous then explosives without thought
Shout out, splash the round hurled into impact
Spreading the burning death over the area
Screams, blood curdling screams from where the impact was
non stop, knowing that they were not dead but burning alive
at my hand white death was melting them alive,
Screams, knowing that they were begging to just die
Not allowing it, moving to the trucks guns blazing
rockets launching and machines of death rattling
Screams and screams, continuing through the time
Shot over, splash the explosives impact
screams fall silent to the area,
the screams never stop
they continue in the head of the broken soldier
never allowing himself to feel, is the beginning
the beginning of the end
Showing the day of nightmares to his soul
never allowing him to be forgiven
only to be tortured forever and beyond

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