The Day of Our Births

You made history the day you were born
Believe me or not, you’re someone special
You have your own era in time
Consider that a historic happening
The day your brain was turned on
Step by step, you walk out the present day
Which soon becomes your history
Follow the right steps
Get in touch with your beating heart
Use your organs to make your body a living piece of art
Find the stepping-stones through your life
It has all already been written in the stars
Even those times when your life is a wreck, the stars have it all written in fine print
Look closely and you’ll see
The stars know who you’re really supposed to be
The blue sky peeks out from behind storm clouds to see you
Go wherever you can most comfortably fit your innate golden being
Wake up to see your life as something beautiful
You’ll never be more excited to see a blue sky
Every time the Sunrays say “Hello” delightfully
Today is the day you change everything
The Universe already has your lines for the play
Be the star of this movie and don’t be afraid
The Universe has your life planned out for something great
Don’t wait for someone to say go
Good intentions let you see your painted sky of destinies
Just get out there to change the World
You could follow the stars through the gassing whirls
Believing means doing great things
So believe me, you were born a star child

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