The Day the Eagle Cried

We shall never forget, the pain we felt inside, that day in history,
that the Bald Eagle cried
The nation awoke as usual,everyone going about their chores,
not knowing that terrorist would strike,on that early September morn

America shook as our tall buildings fell. Confusion, disillusion and
sadness made the earth seem like Hell
Questions so many yet answers so few,we started asking ourselves,
"What can one person do?"

Without warning, they tried to tear us apart.
I guess they didn't know,that they couldn't take away our heart.
They can take away our buildings,they can take away our friends,
but they can't take away the principles on which our country stand

Wegrew stronger that day,as the country held its children tight.
true our loved ones were taken,but we won't give up without a fight
So wipe away your tears, but don't forget,
the men and women's lives that were so bravely spent.

Its true, Freedom and justice were compromised that day,
but here in America, they will never go away!
So in these confusing times, when its hard to know right from wrong,
don't give up,and always remember, to be wise forgiving and strong

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