The Day the Earth Refused

On an odd December morning, citizens of the world felt
a sensation
Half had slunk like a slob, the other had just resumed
their job
Regardless of time and space, both mired at this strange
Bankers named it stress, lovers anxiety, politicians
ignored entirely
Only the children knew it was asphyxiation
The mad apocalyptics said the sky was on fire,
That this wrath would consume an unrighteous empire
They spoke guile and inhaled damnation
Little did people know hell was their own creation
The children held their breath, in fear of asphyxiation
Seven billion emissions churning at once saw trees
shrivel in disgust
The domesticated creatures blurred in lust
Their bodies tucked away, recorded in dust
The grass refused to breathe, it returned to the earth
The people looked fearfully, at the barren dirt
Seven seas boiled and rose, regurgitating their digested
Shipwrecks, litter, and unmarked murder victims
Refuse surfed forward, prophecy bearing itself in sewage
Rats, spiders, all manner of Men and Mice
The children closed their noses, in fear of repudiation
As swiftly as doomsday came, salvation came sooner
Oxygen refilled the air, nature answered its natural
Fish abandoned land for sea, birds earth for air
Humans traded vanity for everything pleasant there

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