the day\’s promise

my love, we were dancing under the afternoon sun;
we couldnt be bothered to listen to anyone else.
but as i watched you walk through the lilac field,
and turn to me with desperate eyes hiding under a bright grin,
i had to realize it for myself;
i would never be able to make you stay.

goodbye, goodbye;
i said to you as i watched you leave.
your hair shining like spun copper in the wake of the golden sun,
your long linen dress flowing behind you as the wind blew in your face.
the grass was soft against the palms of my hands
as i rested them on the ground, never taking my eyes off of you
because every time i do,
you disappear.
and then i am alone.

sometimes, i still look out my window,
waiting for you to come back from your walk.
yearning for that girl in the linen dress walk up the hill
up to my doorstep.
but you never care to call on me anymore.
i will still wait for you;
i can only pray that i havent lost my love to the setting sun.

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