The Day’s Ray pt. 2

"All i want is to have fun,but my view had me stunned"

1)The pompous sun looked through the scene,
To ascertain if it's time he prayed.
But what he saw,
Sent him to bed and again pray.

2)Many heads seeing their heads,
Lousy mouths and undisciplined tongues.
Fearful eyes afraid of sights.
Noses tilting like 'Temple run'.

3)The mighty dwarf made pass his way.
In haste,he almost went astray.
'Sir,may i know you: please driver park!'
A man in black fashioned a way,
to get the lots of him for the Christmas.
But the driver wouldn't him,
Even if he'll,the he'll become the passanger's meal.

3)Close to my destination:
'You-re a stupid man',
Wailed a woman at the driver:
For she isn't at her destination,
But the driver made fool of her patience.
Then in sight was a white displayed:
The immigration must have their pay.

'Under Bridge',he howled at my destination.
then i knew the movie has to continue.

Joy met me on the way.

The thought of the stress sent it away.

"You'll get all you want in life,If you make the right decisions"


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On a busy lagos day.