The Dead March

For eons in the frozen north did live the Lord of Nightmares cruel
Who tortured everything that lived beneath his dark and evil rule
And so we marched into his land to overthrow the Demon King
"When he sees our army come the coward's fear will make him flee,"
We boasted to the townsmen as we marched into the northern snow
But on deaf ears did fall their warnings of the power of our foe
But watching in his scrying stone Lord Ark Harag did give a frown
And he resolved, with magic he would strike our giant army down
As we reached the forests where the trees hung heavy with the snow
We saw the ruins of a town in ancient times with fire laid low
And as we gazed the ashes rose as though they'd woken from a sleep
They shaped themselves in human forms and soon began to sadly weep
We fled into the mountains but we found ourselves made fools again
The Demon King appeared and said, "You cannot beat me, mortal men
For I am beyond power, and I laugh against your mortal arms
So turn back and I promise that you shall not come to any harm"
We shouted we would not give up and charged him there to no avail
He was faster than a blizzard wind and stronger than a tempest hail
With blade he slew two thousand men, with fire slew a thousand more
Within two hours five thousand men had been brought down to seven score
He scowled at us and said, "Go home, for your attack on me has failed"
We fled in fear back to our kings with eyes like glass and faces pale
And on that day we swore that we would never in our lifetimes go
Return to that cursed place where demons stalk the blinding snow
For eons in the frozen north has ruled the Lord of Nightmares long
Who by himself slays armies with his demon magic strong

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