The dead men of duelers

By the flight of the pheonix
By his thunderous drum
By the heavenly fires
That power the sun
For the love of our mother
For the lands that were from
For the pride of our father
For the man well become
For the good men before us
And the good deeds theyve done
To the uncertainties realm
Where the bravest men run
There fabled heroics
While under the gun
Against impossible odds
Their as cool they come
Triumphantly driven
As the stories are spun.
After 10,000 failures
Our lives have begun
Another 10,000 more
And it will only be some.
Tho Enlightened we seem
While enlightened were hung
In the gallows of virtue
Where the death song is sung
N so deep as the ocean
Are the talented young
So ill soon be forgotten
-As Forgotten my son
Said the dead man of duelers
And the smoke of his gun

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