The Deadly Nightshade

Dear soul wondering in solitude at night,
Hiding in the crystal veils guarded by moonlight.
Coy and naive deer lurking on the moonlit glade,
With a growing and alluring the Deadly Nightshade.
Poisonous bushes covered with a gentle frost,
Have you ever wondered what it would you cost?
In the darkest fogs, in the deadly silence,
Don`t be scared of voices by the wily sirens.
The most frugal creatures devoured by greed,
Their calm, paltry whining through the wisper of reed.
Crying ravenous ghosts carrying cumbersome burdeon,
Desperately hoped to be freed as a gurdeon.
Sempiternal servants standing by the fawn,
All discrepant shadows you`ll face till the dawn.
Their somniferous whisper is illusive, my dear,
A tenebrous sky`s dropped a condolent tear.
Impetious wind, do not make any sound,
Cover these tender bones nestling to algid ground.
They`re shrouded in fears, in darkness, so violently,
Your internal light is still smouldering silently.
Dear soul, I`m praying for you in a hideous dream
Dead silence is always the most clamorous scream
The valiant blood is flowing on the frozen glade
Through the growing and alluring The Deadly Nightshade

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