The deafening night

The storm took away all the fight
Sneaked up silently deafening the night
Darkness grew hard on the shore
The sky turned red and the blood pour

The end was visible through bare eyes
Inevitably death felt like the only prize
We laughed in the melancholy as hell broke loose
Darkness or death we all had to choose

You thought you were different and sane
But dear stupid friend you're part of a game
The darkness has always been inside of you
How much more will you fall to know it's true

I opened my eyes as the ocean rose to my chest
Was it all only in head, all of this quest
It all vanished along with the game
Someone smiled in my head, as it pained

Where am I stuck, what is the place
Is it hell or is it just a white space
Were you ever there inside my mind?
Or was it just me, whom I couldn't find

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