The Death of a Nation

It is power, a greatness to behold
The oceans quiver in fear of its rule
The Earth itself shivers at the strength in hold
Knowing it will be soon used as a tool

A tool to shatter the stout hearts of men
To level cities and intimidate many a land
But I can only think and ask, When?
When did it grow so weak it can't even stand?

Once proud and haughty, now lowly and insignificant
What happened to make it lose its grand power?
Why can't it regain its place in the ranks of the magnificent?
Why has the sweet taste of success turned sour?

When people rebel and strive for too much power
When money rules and people turn away from peace
When people strive to build another Babel's tower
A once timid country turns into a ravening beast

This beast will hurt itself more than any other
And soon nothing will be able to survive
Just as a child runs crying to his mother
The dead country will cry to God to make them live

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