The Death of Love

Your childlike smile takes me back to the sandbox days
When I threw rocks at you and you simply laughed it off
And then just as quickly you pull me back to reality
As you wrap me in your warm embrace
The sweet smell of you lingers on me, as a constant reminder of you
And how you will never let me fall
You know the words that pass my lips
Before they have formed on my tongue
And you are aware of every thought present in my mind
Your laugh is light and carefree, and washes any worries out of me
I ache for every moment to be like these, wonderful and effortless
Every hour to mirror our love
But now as I gaze at your cold and still body
I realized that can never be
I imagine your fingers tingling with life,
And your lips parting to speak
And then I come back to actuality and accept the truth
I place a single rose on your lifeless chest,
Unmoving and void of hope
And I look at that one rose, so small and so simple
Yet filled with such complexities and pain
And then the door is closed on you and I know for sure
That all my love is buried with you too

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