The Death of Love - Part Two

The 4 o'clock sun shows me your shadow.
The west wind blows to me your scent on a breath....
You were mine for a year, a moment,
But I am yours till death.

The blessings we had were far beyond the cursed. But it was like a requiem or a dirge that we rehearsed.

I took you as my lover, although your lips were cold . You had the breath of death, your eyes were so bold, I wanted your bite, and to be taken into the fold. For you were the Death of Love.

Your beautiful face smiles at me,
Unloosening the tragedy,
Because you will say farewell
I have no words to say but those I will mumble at your grave. I will put my soul up to sell.

I have seen the reapers face.
He took life from it's place.
I have seen the children of the dammed
Cheer when the virgins fell, for that was always the plan...virgins always fall, we know only to well.

In the eternal battlefields, no prisoners shall they take, everyone one will get raped outside of the seven gates.

Come on! Raise your knife!
Welcome us to your sacrifice.
I saw the lightning strike you
I heard your roar of pain,
The knife came down without a sound
And your warm blood mixes with the rain.

Calmed by the cold winds of funeral dust,
Death came flying upon black wings
Darkness shines thru where the angels fell from heaven and evil enters in and sings.

Hear you all the mighty sound of Damnation
Ravaging your soul, leading you to temptation.
And before you can catch your breath,
Their black eyes are celebrating death.

Lift up your ear and hear
The angels crying in pain
And look to the darkened sky
And you will see an eternal flame.

Hear the sound of thunder rolls
As Satan chimes the bells of death
And becons each and all of your souls,
As he let's out a fiery breath.

All this won't stop the blasphemy
We will drag Love to the sacrificial throne.
We tie it there in it's great dispair.
And we Celebrate our victory: the Death of the Death of Love.
We will all take turns, we will all take part...
And each, drive a stake into Love's heart.

And there is the Dying of the Death of Love.
And there is The Death of the Death of Love.

When the sun comes up, the demons will go down,
Leather and lace, are they dressed and are bound.

When love went blind, you made me see
A picture of days gone by, how it was that i was what you wanted me to be.

The sun, oh! And stars, hear my appeal,
I put his love in my heart, you are the seal.

Would love me all over again.

But we would have to resurrect the Death of Love

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Key Words : Death, love, angels, blessings, requiem, directions

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This Poems Story

This is the second part of the poem by the same name. It was to commemorate the failings of my relationships by relieving me of the shame and the blame for them.