The Death of the Sun

The Death of the Sun
Has just Begun
Arrows rain from silent silver soldiers
Servants of the seductive pale Queen
Who marches through his halls slowly
Trailing Darkness to the feet of the King
Beckoning the world into sleep
So she can rule the nation of night
And hide eternal the sun’s astounding light
It’s just a few moments
But it seems an age
This battle, this endless war
On this stage
Set upon the heavens
For the universe to see
A crown of swords, a path of daggers
Then the mighty Emperor staggers
His blood stains
His once Sapphire throne
It falls in crimson clouds from his wounds
His gold robes once luminous and untainted
Now are faded and torn
And oh his subjects do mourn
His Palace, his kingdom is crumbling
Disappearing as his breathing falters
And as she, that murderess
Throws back her ivory cloak
Cleaning her blade from that fatal stroke
Without cry or sound
He is laid to rest beneath the chilling ground
Victorious the Pale Queen
Triumphant is she
Or at least so it seems
Until Dawn and the return of the King
He will rise from the ashes renewed
Temptress fled and her armies surrendered
But time will pass even then in the most glorious of hours
Soon the scars from countless lifetimes will open
And the cycle begin yet again
For The Death of the Sun
Will have only begun

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