The Debate of Happiness

By Ez   

Choosing between one, the other shall be left behind,
flipping through memories, but to one he must go blind.
One takes away his darkness with a new light,
one provides a way to take away the poisonous bite.
The laughter makes the hissing of his soul stop,
the hills of his life help him make it to the top.
But the pain of choosing one makes his heart break,
the burning of sadness, makes his structure shake.
His life stretched, for between them he hasn’t chosen,
the hope stunning, for in the chain he is frozen.
The first is kind, words like a star in the dark,
but the second is risky, his heart burns with just a spark.
Stuck between the two, in his head are many wars,
noise, and many insults, they scream many horrors.
Pained and confused, his head starts to fall,
dazed and blind, he sees nothing at all.
He tries to clear his mind and starts to speak again,
for one can help him, and their strength to him they lend.
While the other makes him dead, his mind, they start to freeze,
his laugh stuck in his throat, while laughing with the other’s a breeze.
Happiness or not, he knows he must reject one,
falling through his feelings, he knows with one he must be done.
For happiness isn’t in his life, instead is a big story,
everything he’d ever done, had gone down with no glory.
For the light is not involved, instead, it is a swirling black hole,
burning his heart, now nothing remains but a piece of coal.
He hopes that he can drop one without being mean,
for then he knows his soul would then remain unclean.
Instead, he wishes to leave one, for playing is not his intention,
happiness comes with a cost, so to one, he must pay more attention.
A debate is what his voices say, so a game they start to play,
many sad things are said about them, but that’s what his minds say.
One votes for the color of blood, for they were the cure to his darkness,
one votes for the double letters, for they cut down his glares sharpness.
A debate the scream, so more pain he starts to reap,
in his head at night, laughter and hope always invade his sleep.
But only he knows the truth, for he knows the one he desires,
but the light will never accept him, so they continue to burn him with their fires.
They try to break him down with their embarrassment, though to that he is immune,
they don’t know, but the hope, he had been with in perfect tune.
But disrupted and cursed, he had rejected the only light to his path,
for they make him lose his control, they make him set free his dreadful wrath.
For now, he lets his faces speak, for more time they wish for,
so louder they sing, releasing any feelings hidden before.
So happiness isn’t an option, so the debate shall be declared lost,
but through the pain and suffering, he knows from one, his sadness will defrost.

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