The Debt

It is present but unseen. It is here and there but seemingly ignored.
It is real yet intangible, elusive from our everyday sense.
Streetlights swaying in hopelessness with nowhere to go.
Fences encaging and walls separating.
Beams and ladders, money and greed, papers and pushers.
Drains are draining, society is fluctuating, are we contemplating?
What remains the same not apart of our erroneous perspective of fame?
She was, She is, we hope she will be.
She has haters, destroyers, and obliterators.
But obliteration and annihilation will be on them.
Part of something superb and greater.
The air sucked out from the lungs of the world.
Breath shorter makes us hoarders of the very thing that is free.
Like the blind wanderer who can't see the way to change fate.
What makes lights sway and causes beautiful pain?
She's apart of every beam, every seam, every dream.
Latent people, invigorate her. Dilly dally denizens, beautify her.
Oh, Oh we are failing! Oh we are dying.
She is constantly at war. With whom?
With us! With us! With us!
Buried within her. Bones, blood, brains drains into her drain.
The inevitable unavoidable circle that we must accept.
We must sign the check. Deposit it on the banks of the shore.
The teller deposits into the ancient core.
Awake and delve in the naked lake.
Rushing, encompassing your holy form. It is how we are born.
Together with the supreme. A color created cream and green.
Don't forget to pay our debt!

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