The Decadent Sorceress

A dangerous title but a lucrative one. Prayer's and unknown powers,
you say true,
When the children,
of the night pursue their dreams.
A new come-down for our humble and mysterious beast.
Wizards and rat catchers,
are selling spells,
to cattle secrets possessed foul black smoke.
Foolish terror of the Sabbath,
over the to mbs of the perfect magic users.
the mad King and imbecile,.
He forced his dancing skeletons into the coffins.
Grim death was made of horrid,
and unnatural,
and prominence of the belly.
It ingested the tears of the fairy reaper,.
Cruelty of the soul will result in boyhood.
Pedantic ornaments,.
Trappings of mental mortality,.
Underlies deplorable creatures,

Reaching to move her pity and sick disgust.
They ate the light subsequent, conscious,

horrors turn humanity, to overthrow its insanity.

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