The Deep Crater

I love navigating by the stars,

Will I become the finest sailor?

I love making and mixing chemicals,

Will I become a medical master?

I'm in love with the laws of nature,

Will the shoulders of giants make me taller?

I dream of becoming a creator,

And leave a momentous mark like a crater.


The earth rotates around the sun, it obeys reason,

But I don't care anymore if it's the other way around.

And I don't care if my falling pen decides to commit treason

And rise to the sky instead of falling to the ground.

And I don't care if romantics, including me, become victims

When the night sky, in our beloved lakes, no longer swims.


I love navigating by your dreams...

I will become your finest sailor.

I love when our souls mix together like cream...

I will become your warm master.

I'm in love with your nature.

With your magic you made me taller.

Of my happiness you're the creator...

Your mark in my heart is as deep as a crater.

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