The Defendants

The defendants who commit the crime
get so much of our attention and our time.
We watch over them and do our best
to rehabilitate them but this poem isn't about them
Its about the victims, the innocent child
who was traumatized.
The one that did nothing wrong,
but whose life's now destroyed.
They're the ones that need someone;
Yet, they're the ones that are left all alone.
So much time and effort to watch over the defendant,
but nobody gives any time to his victim.
The state provides rehabilitation to the defendant
like he's the one who deserves the chance
for his life to get better.
But what about the victim and the shattered life that
when she leaves the courtroom she has to enter?
Who can she call when she's afraid?
Who helps her be able to deal with her fear
so she can leave her house again?
The defendant is in prison-his food is cooked for him
his laundry all cleaned,
While the victim has to go on with her life,
dealing with the memories.

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