The Defender

Behold me, for I am many
Fear me not, for I protect you.
Although I am strong, I grow weary
But still I soldier on.

I have no name, but yet you know me.
I have many faces, but only one cause.
My burden is heavy, it is not free
I've lost so much, but I so not regret
What I have bet my life on.

See me, in my glory
My weapons, covered in blood.
Both innocent and guilty, the dreams still haunt.
I will NEVER forget.

I want to come home, escape this hell
Yet I know that I can not
My journey is nowhere near its end
Not all challenges met.

Still I fight for you, I don't need a reason
I do this for me, for you, our families
I can not stop, until I have won
My mettle is my boulder.

A solid rock on which I stand
And I may die yet
But for that in which I believe I will do so gladly
I am an American Soldier.

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