The Defiant Warrior Legend

I’ve walked through the gates into the fires of hell,

places where only dragons even dare to dwell.

I’ve slayed those dragons who spurn and defied me,

because it was meant to be.... in the name of liberty.

My skin has been burnt, sliced, stapled and sewn.

I’ve hammered my fingers and battered my bones.

I’ve fallen from the skies in shreaded airplanes.

I’ve held on to tornadoes and runaway trains.

I’ve rode bareback on black hurricane waves,

laid enemies and friends dead in their graves.

I’ve had my body torn open and scattered about.

My innards put back together and defiantly walked out.

I’ve sang and played with the rock stars that are gone...

Shook hands with dead heros and legends..yet I live on.

So death respects me for defying his will.

God protects me...and I reckon he always will.

Survivor? Warrior? Friend? Or Foe?

Just me living...the teacher... my facets I never let show.

So others can learn to live and to grow.

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This Poems Story

Reflections on what I have survived in my 63 years of life so far.