The Degradation Of Language

They build castles with letters made of sand rough and brown
Waiting for oceans who take the structures and strip the meaning out
Water foaming at its mouth it swallows the words nice and steady
And by the time the words are free another castle is ready
The sand is scrambled but the public loves it all the same
And they pretend that they didn't degrade their castles for fame

They scoop words into jars violently
and as they rush to get all the sand in
their harsh hands scrape away the poetry
they put the decor on their shelves for everyone to see
setting it on a shelf to collect dust and look pretty
and as they hold the words through the glass;
a smooth wall to hold words measured precisely
they pretend their jars still have meaning

on a land between land and sea
a soul sits silently
the population fill the medium
but the erosion is still easily seen
and as he takes in the dirty sand
once white and clean
he pretends that his home still holds dignity

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