The Demon Within Me

By Jas K   

A demon lays within me
Waiting to be triggered
He yawns as I shake with fear
Nobody knows me better than him
He smirks when I get myself into trouble,
Finding it amusing,
But frowns when I shut him down
He is desperate for revenge but
Within him; there is an angel
Who warns him and no matter what
He knows she's right
But he cannot give up his addiction
So he continues his ways as she cries
He knows she's hurting but can't stop her
Because that's what he does
And when she falls asleep
He goes out and hunts down the ones that hurt him
Whispers, "Surprise"
Laughs as they beg for forgiveness and their eyes hold fear
He then leaves with satisfaction
With only one thing in mind, he repeats this,

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This Poems Story

There is always a good side to everyone, and somehow everyone is hurting. We all have our own challenges in life that feel impossible to overcome. We hurt others, even if it's unintentionally.