The Demon

Listen closely, don't forget
It is vicious and it is hungry, but not here yet.
There is a monster that has forced me to endure this plight,
For it has waged war, destroying everything in sight.
No one wants it but it is still there,
Always taking from the rest without a care.
It's the drooping flowers at the side of the road.
And the leaves that fall off trees when it's cold.
A fire roars up in its eyes as it slays,
Nothing can escape it as it hunts its preys.
As this creature creeps down the streets,
The very wind stands still as its heart beats.
Spreading terror is a special knack,
And long coarse hair tumbles down its back.
With a withering stare it can silence the seas,
With one hand it can to pple the strongest trees.
The demon has worn, leathered skin
Covered in scars that tell where it's been.
They show the battles that have been fought,
Demolishing without a second thought.
These are only a few of it's features,
So beware of these creatures.
Beware of what it can do.
But alas! That creature is you.

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