The Demons Inside

The Demons InsidE

(a poem on addiction)

By: Elizabeth Schrum

Oh euphoria, come on in.
Welcome again, my old friend.
I use you to feel, to live in my skin.
My demons come, I invite them in.
Light fades to darkness
Again and again.
The pull draws me deeper within
My chains are heavy,
I cannot stop. I live in sin.
Pain and brokenness envelop me.
I am underserving of Your grace.
I’m letting go.
There is no hope.
My poison, my prison, there is no escape.
I cry out. The silence is deafening
Here in my captivity.
Fighting the voices inside my head,
They tell me I’m not worthy,
I could be dead.
Mind racing, heart beating
Out of my chest.
I want, I need, the cravings so strong,
Oh euphoria, where have you gone????
Deeper I seep into depths of despair.
I can’t breathe.
There is no air.
My prison, my cell
My addiction and I live in the depths of hell.
No way out; nowhere to hide.
I cut myself to stand the pain.
I watch the blood,
Falling down like rain.
The sun yields to the moon,
Day fades to night.
I gnash my teeth, with all my might.
I cry out to the darkness,
My pain and despair.
All alone with my demons,
I can’t breathe.
There is no air.
The dark one knows me and calls me by name.
I pick up my glass, and do it again.
Until my last breath,
My evil master please,
Bring me death.
Lost, body, mind, I need I use.
It robs my soul.
Morning breaks; another day.
Set me Free, O’ Lord from these chains that bind!
Darkness once again; enters my mind.
Shadow people come and steal my soul.
I am all alone,
Here in my strife.
The only way out;
I end my life.

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