The Demons Inside

She had dreams.
Dreams that were bigger than she.
She dreamt of great things, and knew she had great ideas.
But they were too big to control.
They turned into nightmares,
throwing in her face what she could never be.
In the past, when she worked her hardest, it wasn't good enough.
She would be mediocre at best.
So she learned to shy away from her ideas,
as if they were a hand about to strike her.
She opened her eyes one morning,
Her heart so heavy weighed her down.
She crawled out of bed, gasping for breath,
placed her feet on the floor.
She curled her toes,
and buried her nails into her palms.
She went to her vanity,
Expecting to see a depressing image.
But what she saw was dark, and twisted.
What she saw was her demons taunting her.
She took one, depth look at them,
and said, I won't be afraid.
I can lose my strength, my friends, my hope,
But if these demons are as evil as they've proven to be,
And can conquer even the strongest soul,
The only solution is to be on their team.
And she closed her eyes, and said
I am not myself any longer.

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