The Demons Within Us

Wicked wanderings wondering what's right,
Wondering whether we will weather the Night,
Disciple asks if these people are true evil,
No son, its their demons acting through people.
Seeing scenes of cemeteries so obscene,
How I see these hallowed holes one day housing me,
The dreaded Dark deepens it's devouring me,
Heard demon hordes fly by I hid harrowingly,
Spiteful succubi slinging acid scalding scouring me,
Hateful hellhounds overpowering me,
Envious shades of beings that swear they are me,
Fail to feel what is real it's so deceiving,
Hear a host of voices in my head say stop believing,
Till the fickle faith flees me like itd bleeding,
How can hope hold me when it's fleeting,
Look a little light leaks in if you open your eyes,
Keep confidence that you can keep staying alive,
Though nobody really knows if we can make it the Night.

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