The Deniable Truth

The Deniable Truth
Dangerous damage uncontrolled.
Cloaked invisible & unwhole.
Hours wasted turned into days.
Strength to protect.
Regrets confidence can't let.
Degraded & hated.
Sadistic & overrated.
Real fragile feeling.
Broken shattered lives still healing.
Summoned evil & unearthed a demon.
Void of sense, logic, & reason.

Damaged & broken.
It was my throat the devil man was choking.
My words are true of that I am never joking.

A delicate & fragile child.
Abuse suffered & never recovered.
Cursed never to marry a significant other.

No one hears my screams.
No one can cleanse my body clean.
To return what was taken & make it pure.
To shield & create & patent it's cure.
To make me as I am & were.

Waiting to get paid so we can be fed.

No to care.
It is not fair.
That for me no one is out there.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

True story of past events from 1988 - 1981 & similar but different 2005 - 2011

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