The Depraved

I recite my will, my admission to a greater evil
A darkness so cold it defies limitations
I am the devil, hiding beneath the surface of a daunting reflection
Haunting those that beckon me so
Watching from the shadows, I quietly guide the ruins of tomorrow
Purity is but a perjury, conditioned by the same path to salvation
The poison runs through our veins
the desire rushes and touches us with its taste
A masquerade pulls me in, serenades me with its beauty and sin
The wrath of our lust condemns us to eternal pity
A deadly kiss leads us on the trail to contempt
We build our world on a fairy tale of lies
Mindlessly following, blindly accepting
Seeking a route to paradise as if this world is not enough
Drink the venom, feel it course
Dance your sins away with words
We are drifting towards a barren wasteland of vanished dreams
Bred by sorrow and greed we could never choose a narrow path
Withering in a trail to condemnation
We are rotten to the core, writhing in our grotesque beauty
The greatest enemy we find is within ourselves
Yet we shift the blame to an unknown source
the very fear that beckons us whole
I am your flame, your monstrous delight
Devour me as you claim I plagued you
Our black hearts together as one
We are the fire burning within our sanctimonious hell

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