The Deserted World

Have I not stepped into a deserted land?
And here are no people, but mountains of sand
My views are blurred and thoughts have scattered
My neurons don’t work, heart’ broken and shattered
Dear Lord! Help me find some pieces of hope
So I may stop wondering around like a dope
The water, the people, do they really exist?
Bring me the people have I always missed
How pretty it is to love someone like that
Keep thinking about them and start getting mad
Can you please bring these people back to me?
You have no idea how thankful I’d be
Depression and anxiety make me clench my fists
I’m sick of these tragic stories and twists
But one day will come when things will get better
When life will be happy, not anymore sadder
O, show me that the desert’s just a dream
And the world is not as bad as it seems
Even if you want me to wait till forever
I will give up one day, and that will be never

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