The Desperate man

I am a desparateman
Walking on a desparate lane,
My car of hope has overturned,
In this vicinity of uncertainty.
I came in full of zeal,
To do what others did,
My hope suddenly turned sour,
In this strange but naked place.!
To my right,the lion roars,
To my left,the scorpion smiles,
Ahead of me,the tide is high,
And under me is a scorching heat!
I stand near the river banks,
Yet unable to have a bath,
I see clothing shops interwoven,
Yet I have no one to cloth me!
I have become a societal outcast
In the midst of many peers,
I am a rejected weakling
Among my God given mates!
Where lies my hope of life,
If you turn your eyes away?
Who will wipe my tears away,
If not the Angels of life?

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