The devil, the God and the truth

It's foggy outside, the cold breeze is hurting old leafless souls,
I can hear rain drops are playing the game of losing its varsity to the earth,
All I feel like doing is just lie like a burning wood,
Floating in my restless and relentless mind
Trying to make peace with desires and values,
Dissecting my naked soul in the misty sheets of life
I saw myself, being judged by myself,
Careful being judged as 'what i was not supposed to be'
I closed the doors in the boundaries of convention
That were made by other's truths.
There I met the devil,
Who made me sneek through the walls
And at times pass through it, which were I never have regretted,
And all I wanted is the devil to push me off the wall every day....

And there will be days, when all I be wanting to do get out of the bed to the feel the touch of my fragmented souls,
And I will have no energy even to breathe,
I will be in the feet of Gods..
I will smile to the devil that i lived with,
Who taught me the sins, the judgement,
the boundaries all are to be overcome.
Who taught me their would be a final judgement that is what only need to be listened,
Others are to be crushed, truths to be thrown in the garbage,
Your truths will become yours through pain and pleasure, hurting and getting hurt, broken and being glued together,
Which are not to be imposed upon anyone.

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This Poems Story

This is my story and of many others that i saw,who are in search of their own truth, who want to challenge every thing the society has judged...