The Devil

The moment I open my eyes, and the moment the night dies
You start yelling in my ears, like drums playing death's cheers
And as the day goes by, I try to push you away but you never shy
Morning, afternoon, and another evening
And here your presence is like a king
So strong taking control over me, and minutes later I become she
Unable to stop the floating rage, locking Mouna in a cage
Then she starts to destroy
Begins the game of death, which to her is a toy
First thing that comes to mind, locking herself in the bathroom
Erasing reality like dust with a broom
Then she must bleed chains of blood cells bead
One cell, one more hurt, she feels like dirt
She waits and waits, until she's bled weights
It feels good, she wants to cut deeper, she wonders if she should
It wasn't long before she fell close to death like a shell
Her wrist aces, her veins bleed lakes
Now she hears bells in her ears, like Christmas bells on deers
As I open my eyes once again, I feel weak; nothing more to drain
I'm no longer on the bathroom floor but now on a hospital bed
A bandage around my wrist leaks red
Then it hit me. I tried to kill myself
Wait no; she tried to kill me herself
Scared.scared she'll come back
She'll try and hurt me again, and she won't slack
But no, no, no! She will lose the game, and I will win once again!

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