The Devil’s Due

Better run you better hide.
They'll figure you out
sooner or later. Alone
you'll be with all your
lies, cannot deny what
lies beneath. In your
closet of deceit comes
alive the truth in
light. Dance and play
with all your might.
The devil comes and
takes his due.
Pretty words he will
speak. Caught in a
trap of your own device
Running and hiding will
never do. The truth
comes out you
deceptions are worn.
No more dancing no
more playing come pay
your due as the devil
comes knocking. You'll
dance for sure to his
comand, like a pawn
you'll scream and cry.
No one will hear you,
not even one little
soul, as truths are
ripped right out of
your being. Go run
go hide it will
be your undoing.

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