The Devil’s Lair

In darkness she’ll rest, her sacrifice made.
A being of Hell, her soul decayed.
She’ll beg on her knees, they’ll reap her soul.
Her life in the hands of the Demon’s control.
A curse is laid, her mind enslaved.
A wish for death, the beasts depraved.
A glance at Hell, she will be granted.
A horrid surprise has now descended.
For Hell is real, it’s here and there.
We inhabit the Devil’s lair.
He studies us, with a watchful eye.
Waiting for the day we all shall die.
To the Devil she’ll fall, slow and sad.
A note scribbled on a small notepad.
The blood will drip, her feelings lost.
A broken smile, she knew the cost.
In Death she’ll find a will to live.
Her final choice, definitive.
Her soul is dragged home, he grips her tight.
She never even put up a fight.
The Demon has won, but he is not sated.
His endless game is never outdated.
You could be next, so use some discretion.
No one is safe, from the beast known as depression.

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