The Devil's lover

Its been a week since I haven’t heard from you
I wonder if you will ever strike back at me with your whew
You been creeping on me on my sleep
Makes me wonder if the feelings you have towards me are deep
You the devil, who’s pulling my mind and soul
Making me feel weak but my heart you stole
No longer trying to study this mental test
The power you have taken over me is by wrest
Like the line says,

“I was your cure, you were my disease, I was saving you, and you were killing me.”
My actions are devilish as hell, just like you made me not to wail
Hope you look passed it and pick me up if I were to fail
This is the devil’s love, you can say I like this tribulation
Getting used to this disease that is no longer a damnation
My king I salute you only because you made me your queen and we became royalty
We control each other’s mentality and we take over our hearts by having moiety
I hate you so much from the broken heart you stabbed, as you watched the blood turn gold
This grandiose fear I had for you is fading while we bring into this relationship nothing but scold
Do you remember how we fell in love in May?
Straighten me up with a proper way of laye
We both sleep with lies and wake up with a fake smile
Although nothing has changed it was always the same revile
But this love, this fucking love I have for you is not explanatory
The thought of us owning this thrown turns me on, hoping this isn’t transitory
I never loved no one else like you my dear
When we kiss I feel your poison taking over me very severe
As evil you are, I will be here no matter what
Our heads up high, showing off our crowns proudly of a strut
Words and thoughts filled in my head
As I looked into your eyes --- I saw your pain but at that moment I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be dead
But I fell in love with the devil, whom I call my king, who kissed me around the heart of flames and moments later he gave me a ring.
I am the devil’s lover and he will belong to me.

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