The Difference of a Heartbeat

A heartbeat,
running over a phrase, turning a page, or either,
I feel a heartbeat.

I can't distinguish if it's my own.
Or it's this single page of thought,
but it means something to me.
That each character or destination is alive.
I have more of the possibility to become that person,
Live in that situation; leave the place that is treading me down
...enter a new one.

By most's definitions, a person contains a heartbeat.
A person becomes a friend, family, a job...
And perhaps, something loved.


can't my novel become a true friend,
companion in life, if it contains a heartbeat?

It's just things to ponder.
The jokes you throw at me!
Disbelief stares.
Those hurt more than the reasons/memories I read to get away from.
I give the evidence to help you understand.
It doesn't pass your thick skull.

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