The Differences

you take away my chance to love who i wish
it’s like taking away a mother from her kids
you take away true happiness at it’s root
& let it dry it up
providing no water
or even care

as pain upon the “differences” in this world only cause despair
well how about you flip it
and ask us if we care?

you see you implode us with your lies of change
exploitation at its finest
you’re really what we call deranged
you truly don’t show any kindness

behind your power and position
you’re simply just a privileged white man
who allows rape
blatant racism
with no pride put aside
you should be ashamed

not just about what you’ve done
but what you continue to do
you should be ashamed
of the chaos you unleashed
the pool of pain
you are honestly insane
and at the end of the day
you’re the only one i can blame

you took away my freedom to spend eternity with another women
& that couldn’t be more devious
we try to make problems like this more apparent
but all you do is suppress “the differences”
that contribute to this world... and tell us to “can it”

but I rather be anywhere else than on this “land of free”
anywhere else than on this planet
because when you ruin my future
what do we really seek to see
besides the next 24 hours to live and breathe

what do really have hope for
when we can’t truly be who we want to be
in a place where “the differences”
can’t even breathe
without being dehumanized
and mouth fed lies

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