The Diligent Mind

Laying still, body numb
The torpid blood will discretely run.
Easeful rest this matter needs
But I am not finished, not even close to pleased.
For I feel peevish and a bit displaced
This feeling of irate I can't replace.
It may seem bestial, bitter, or callous
But my time is limited and my objective momentous.

Quietude tonight you shalt not see
My disposition is to surpass this plea.
Do not feel relief when this night is done
As my quest is not completed by the ascent of the sun.
Amid the day you'll feel my wrath
As you continue on your hallucinative path.
This may feel like a paroxysm of rage
Instead an ache from an unturnable page.
Such a leaf that it shalt not wilt
But remain affixed in a compendium of guilt.

The flesh becomes pallid, chilled and weighed
For the body is exhausted from my unfailing crusade.
The inquiry for me, "When will this cease?"
Is a question with an answer of uncertainties.
There shall be a moment in an unknown time
Where I shall laze and be a tranquil mind
But for now, be patient and know my prospect is sound.
Before long our unity will be found.

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