The Dimmest Star

The sky is bright
Brighter than the turquoise moonlight
She is so beautiful
Her smile sparks up a riot in your heart
He is so handsome
He is a trouble maker
He throws the most golden tantrums
But he never does his part
I am so honest
You look at me, and you lose your smile
I guess my honesty isn't your fondest
My sky is dark, your sky is bright
He and she seems to be in my way
In my way to try and make things right
I am the dimmest star in your sky
In the corner of your eye

You love her, you dance with her to the music that plays in the dressing room stall
She undressed for you
She has such a womanly body
And when you touch her
That's when you lose your mind and you fall
Lust is a dangerous feeling
For a man's heart to desire
(And it'll last forever)

He is a man, with such strong needs
He needs to be touched
He needs to be loved
He looks at the cloudy sky above
And sees a much brighter star than he was
His tears. His tears will forever be rolling
Rolling like the beautiful couple in the dressing room stall
He weeps and crawls on his burdened knees
Puts his hands on his face, and asks the stars above
Why would he betray my sensitive heart?
He is the dimmest star in your sky
In the corner of your eye

Who am I? I must be one of the stars that burnt out in your voided pitch black sky
My feelings cover me like a clear glass dome
Even though i am haunting your life
With my invisibility, you still feel like home
The songs we used to sing to
The lyrics that we used to love by
"Oh my God"
How the tune means nothing anymore
It drives me mad now that we're through

The music in the stall dressing room
Fades, beautifully
Just like the beautiful star that she is
Laying on the ground
So exposed
Ready to burn out
Where did he go?
Where did he shine off to?
We will never know.
All we know is that
She is the dimmest star in his sky
In the corner of his eye

Which bright star will shoot into his heart next?
I'll pray this time, it isn't a bittersweet duplex

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