The Dino Hunt

We rumble through the woods,
Brushing away the leaves and tree limbs from our faces.
"We are looking for T Rex" he calls out.
He's only three years old, and T Rex is who he wants to find.
"Follow me, I hear him" he says to me.
He is only one fourth my size,
Yet his courage surpasses the tallest tree.
I can only watch as his little eyes scan the woods all over.
He holds a giant stick, relative to the size.
It reaches to the top of his head,
and to him it is a powerful dinosaur weapon.
He dances through the woods every time he hears the T Rex!
"Rarrrr!" He screams
the leaves pick up behind him as he dodges the brush and tree limbs.
While his attention is directed towards the T Rex,
I sneak past him, hiding behind the trees.
And just as he stops to look around
"Rarrrr!" I scream as I darted towards him!
He throws his powerful dinosaur spear with all of his might!
"Ahh" I yelp as I open my eyes to little man over my head,
touching a lump that now rest on my forehead.
"Did you get the T Rex? " I asked him
"Yes daddy, I did"

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