The Discovery

To be lost in the darkness, hiding in the shadows,
We stumble upon the truth of what we may become,

How in one moment we can be filled with light of courage and love,
We do not know whether to flee or stay in one spot.

Paralyzed by the thought of undoing ourselves to find,
The forbidden place inside us, that the watchers want us to unsee,

To unravel ourselves to the very core of our being
And to touch the light that dwells there in the darkness.

Only through darkness can we find the light that lives in all of us.
With the intent to reach to the depths of our core,

A transcendence of spirit that elevates us to the next phase,
For in the journey to wholeness,

The depth of our pain and fear is undoubtedly the depth of our love,
And in that realization, we can finally understand,
We were there all along, waiting to find ourselves.

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