The Distance Between Us

Who was I supposed to be? I could have sailed all the oceans
But I’m here craving wine to drown out my whine.
You’re asleep all the time, in a daze when you’re awake
more often when hardship reacquaints itself.
I’m lovely, the fortress and the fire.
My army is laid out behind me and I yell
“Today’s the day! Today we come to a truce!”
But my king, my king, you stand behind
your wall with a finger pressed against
your lips in a ‘hush.’ Every gathered emotion is waiting for the call,
But with one gesture, you dismiss them all.
I gather up my peasants and the next day
I fake a glowing presence.
I’m afraid soon the wall will be impenetrable
and I will never be able to see my king
as he was in his finest glory, when the beautiful tears dripped
down his face and my own confinement was banished.
You have died and a strange man wears your skin.
He knows all your poses and my favorite words.

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