The Distance Between

By Reverie   

There's so much space between us,
Over and 'cross the seas
We're so far the journey's tough enough
To bring you to your knees.

I know, there's not much we can do,
'Cept bear with the plight at hand
I know this will be hard and tough
We'll just deal with what we can.

I miss you, all my family
Including friends and known
But one day I will come back
Come running to my home.

The space's so vast and distant
The distance between
But one day I will cross this space
I'll do just as I mean.

Remember that dreadful night,
When they took me away?
From all that I knew so well,
Where all my memories lay?

I know it seems so grim
I know it seems so hard
To just sit there, and wait, wait, wait
To be so very far.

But I'm the one that's alone,
There is no need to dread.
I will take care of myself
I'll get my daily bread.

I will be fine, I will be safe,
I'll take care of me.
But for you all back home,
Just keep hoping and you'll see.

For now, we'll just deal and cope
With all that we have left.
We'll let all take care of itself
For all circumstances to set.

All we have to do is wait,
And pray that all will be right.
And one day we will know the truth,
We will see the light.

It will be hard, I know,
We'll be starved and lean
But one day I will close this space,
The distance between.

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This Poems Story

A girl has been separated from her family, and though she is passing through hard times, she encourages her family to continue on with their life. She knows she will be fine, and in the end, will come back to her home, reassuring her family that she is well. There are times in life where we need to do the same, and this poem commemorates all the times where it is we who need to be there for our loved ones, not them for us.