The Divine Receptacle

"My God! My God! How could I know You not?

Mastering mind meets You, strains to contain

You; falls back, then forward, up! grasps again

And fails. Why?""I AM. Mind's-mould, moving thought."

"Then why not fill mind's lack, although I've fought

To find light? Why leave void my eager brain

That bursts its body-bonds for you: in vain?

Thy greatest work - reason - hast Thou forgot?"

"And you, o child, forget the greater gift!

Meld of soul and sinew made to be filled

With th'eternal, closing th'infinite rift,

Growing, groaning, glowing, with glory thrilled.

The light of love your longing, heart's last lull;

Let labor lift, and Love fill loving full."

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