The Doctor

A title of utmost prestige, the bearer of the challenging, world renowned medical degree.
Yet there's more to this service than academics and relentless study.
A brewing elixir is the Doctor, with each precise ingredient shaping their inner mould:
A spoonful of altruism and a distinguished soul
A sprinkle of compassion and plentiful care with mitigated worry,
Not just for an upcoming assignment or publication study
But for the well-being of their patients who enter the Doctor’s open arms.
Indeed a heap of a reassuring charm that gleams from the Doctor, who may bring with them the joy of good news,
Or the despair of insurmountable complications.
No time to wait, the Doctor must hurry, another patient awaits their expertise and of course the free healthcare that is NHS luxury.

The emergency Doctor, calm under pressure.
Listening, looking, feeling for an airway, obstructed
Whilst, ABCDE is the method to be instructed.
Thriving under mental strain is the paramount ingredient,
Yet a trait only grasped with training and experience.
A quality equally matched with the art of surgery,
SPIKES on the mind after finishing in the operating room,
For now is the hardest part that is to gloom,
Being the one to present the final news.

Socrates an ancient philosopher,
Now the mnemonic for patients that do suffer,
Disaster and disease are the common medical encounters
Yet no match for the will that is harnessed,
Through years of mastering the craft that is mentally fatiguing.
Only with the psychological fortitude, can you acquire the power of human healing.

The Doctor isn’t a God complex.
The Doctor isn’t a genius.
The Doctor isn’t perfect.
The Doctor is the standard human being,
having desires, to heal those who are in need of remedy and hope.
Those who devote, life to medical service
Will be fulfilled.
By the patients they heal, without requiring gratitude in return,
because it is on to the next case, in that white coat.
The hero who shuns away the cape, the hero who doesn’t need to gloat.
This is The Doctor.

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