The Dog On Corner Street

There was a dog on Corner Street
Who was mangy and bony and had not enough to eat.
Many people saw the dog each day,
But not one stopped to help it on its way.
Then came a man who was well in his years;
In his life he had cried many tears.
He saw the dog and took pity.
He held out his hand;
The dog licked it and found that it tasted of earth and sand.
He asked it to come;
It looked at him as if he were dumb,
And held out its leg for him to see.
There was a cut, deep and sore.
He picked it up-it couldn't ask for more.
As a gift, he took it to his brother's son.
Sons of his own, he had not one.
He took it to the door, and it opened,
Yellow light glinting on a wooden floor.
The son said, "Thank you, but why do you give?"
The man smiled and said,
"I cannot have a dog; I have three days to live."
So the dog grew to be happy and old,
And the son grew to have a heart of gold,
He had a friend; he was happy,
And all because of a man who knew pity, love, and mercy,
And had three days to live.

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